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Hello, I'm Anil Mathews - Entrepreneur, Dad, Angler, Pilot, Motorhead

The CEO of Alphabyte and a seasoned entrepreneur passionate about innovating in the technology and digital marketing spaces. With a career spanning over two decades, I've dedicated myself to transforming ideas into successful businesses, navigating the complex landscape of global markets. More about me >

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Career Highlights

Marking milestones on the global stage

A defining moment in Anil Mathews' career was the prestigious opportunity to ring the bell at Nasdaq, a ceremonial event symbolizing the global recognition and success of his venture, and marking a significant milestone in his journey as a technology leader and innovator.

Templatizing the art of pivoting to SaaS

Pioneered the transformation of Near from a location-based adtech company, initially called AdNear, to a leading SaaS enterprise, leveraging real-world consumer data to create comprehensive consumer profiles – a visionary shift in data analytics.

Becoming one of India’s highest funded tech startup

In 2014, Near was recognized as one of India’s highest funded tech startups in India, a testament to the market's faith in its innovative approach and potential for significant impact in the tech industry.

Raising record Series-B among Singapore startups

In a landmark achievement, Near secured a record breaking Series B funding, highlighting investor confidence and underpinning the company's potential for groundbreaking advancements in data analytics.

Being spotlighted on global stage

Anil Mathews has shared his insights on technology and innovation at prestigious events worldwide, including a notable appearance at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, where he captivated audiences with his vision for the future of tech.

Being known as the ‘Big Daddy of Data’

Often referred to as the 'big daddy of data,' Anil Mathews has been instrumental in harnessing the power of big data to drive business insights and strategies, solidifying his reputation as a leader in the data intelligence domain

Yes, I’m also known as
The Big Daddy of Data

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